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began in the early 90's as a private community organization in Western New York that promoted access to higher education. More...

Ensuring College Success
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Establishing a Chapter

Since the AMEDF operates primarily as a public trust, almost all of the day-to-day activities such as teaching the classes and running the Scholars Program™ are hired out to independent contractors



Become a Certified AMEDF Instructor

The AMEDF, through its Professional Advisor Committee, has developed a training and certification program for financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals that often give advice to parents regarding higher education planning.


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  Scholars Methodology


Get started with the “Complete Guide       to  College  Funding"  Workshop

Families begin their college planning journey with the “Complete Guide to College Funding ” workshop, a two-session program for parents of high school students that provides a comprehensive overview of how to better prepare for college.  . Updated with new materials for the 2017-2018 school year.

This introductory component of the AMEDF Scholars Methodology provides a detailed overview of the particulars of preparing for college success and highlights major pitfalls to avoid that could greatly increase the odds of college failure. Topics covered in this component include college admissions, admissions tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT and others), career profiling, college majors, need and non-need based aid including: grants, scholarships and self-help, tax benefits for higher education, unique college financing programs from federal and state sources; year-by-year planning steps, and other important topics.

 The second component of this workshop is a one-on-one advisory session to determine aid eligibility and assess the student’s college readiness.

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        The Scholars Methodology

The Scholars Methodology is a multi-component program that provides everything needed to help families better prepare for college.

By incorporating multiple formats including class room style workshops, self-study lesson plans, internet based research, and one-on-one advisement, the AMEDF ensures that all families have access to resources best suited for their needs. The methodology aims to improve college readiness through  focusing on academic, career, and financial preparation.

All components of the AMEDF's Scholars Methodology are subsidized from 70% to 100%, based on a participant's income and provide affordable alternatives to commercial services.

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  AMEDF Alliance      

According to American College Testing, running out of money is a leading cause of college attrition. The AMEDF Financial Literacy Alliance can help families gain the financial knowledge needed to afford college. From buying a home, saving for college and retirement, to evaluating debt, the AMEDF Alliance provides education, tools, and resources to help you better manage your finances.

 Horizons Alliance

  Each year, Millions of international students seek opportunities to study, work and immigrate to the United States.

  For many, unfortunately, their dream of "coming to America" will not be realized.


The AMEDF Horizons Alliance is established to provide a combination of classroom education and one on one guidance to  International Students already studying in the U.S and Prospective students and their families seeking admission to U.S Schools.

Through the Alliance, AMEDF engages a network professional firms able to provide the needed assistance in immigration, education guidance, career planning and capital migration for current and prospective students.

To learn more go to our website : www. eastwesthorizons.webs.com

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"If your child got into Harvard, would you be able to afford it? The answer may surprise you. There's a workshop that teaches you how to pay for your child's college of choice, without going broke, and the best part, it's free."

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